Q: What is my password?

A: When registering via the website you will be prompted to create a password to login and view our system. If you are a previous member who did not register online, please email sonoma.website@gmail.com and one will be assigned to you after receiving the request. 

Q: How do I change my password?

A: To change your password you can either click on the forgot password link near the login form at the very top of the page or click here.

Q: What is in the members only section?

A: At this time we provide  member directory with select information the member can choose to share with other members. More member exclusive features and publications to come very soon! 

Q: Can I pay my membership online?

A: At this time we accept both check and credit/debit card payments

Q: How do I add information to my profile? Who can see it?

A: To add information to your profile, use the login form at the top of our website and click on view profile. Here you can edit what information you wish to provide to our membership department. Information is not shared public ally and the only information visible to our members only directory is your first name, last name and contact email ( this is a separate field then your registration email which will remain private) 

Q: How is information security handled?

A: Our website utilizes a membership management system which is self contained and stores information securely. ALL information is kept private and is not able to be viewed publicly due to the systems security features. If you have an information security specific question please email sonoma.website@gmail.com

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