Great Register of Voters, Sonoma County, California, 1890

The Sonoma County Genealogical Society self-published an index of the  Great Register of Voters and it is currently out of print. This publication is available for research at the Sonoma County History and Genealogy Library (the Annex) and several other Sonoma County libraries, and may be consulted at the closest branch (see the SCL Search Page for locations).

The book contains 8,344 records of males 21 years of age and older who came forward to establish their qualifications to vote, including their name, age, place of birth, occupation, residence, and naturalization date and place.

You may want to have someone help you with your research or do a simple Look-Up.

This index may be used to determine if a person of interest is listed in the book. The index includes the column headings of Surname, Given Name, and Age.

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