Index to Cemetery Records, Sonoma County, California, 1846-1921

This book contains information on over 90 locations and includes over 12,000 entries. It is arranged alphabetically by cemetery, and alphabetically by surname within each cemetery. Each cemetery listing may consist of either one or two tables. The first table contains the information read from tombstones in the original study. The second table, if present, is an addendum which contains additional information. Some cemeteries, especially the larger ones, may include a family plot designation. Data is organized by columns, as follows: Surname, Given Names, Family Plot, Parents, Spouse, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Age (year, month, day), and comments.

Sonoma County, California, Cemetery Records, 1846-1921 is available for research at the Sonoma County History and Genealogy Library (the Annex).  

This publication is also available for purchase at Heritage Books:

Sonoma County, California, Cemetery Records, 1846-1921: Third Edition

You may want to have someone help you with your research or do a simple Look-Up.

This index may be used to determine if a person of interest is listed in the book. The index includes the column headings of Surname, Given Name, Cemetery, and Page # where the cemetery is found in the book.

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