Pueblo de Sonoma Court Records - Expedientes 1841-1849

(California Rancho Deed Reaffirmations)

Twenty-one deeds survived the tumultuous days preceding the formation of the state of California and are preserved in the Sonoma County Office of the Recorder in Santa Rosa, California under the title Expedientes 1841-1849.  Most of these deeds were reaffirmations of the ownership of the early ranchos granted by the Mexican government in the current counties of Sonoma, Napa, and Marin. The original documents may be found in the Sonoma County Office of the Recorder. The introduction and index are reproduced in the Members Only section.

 Index to Land Grants 1846-1850, Sonoma County, California 

Sonoma was the first town to be planned and settled during the pre-statehood era in the territory north of San Francisco under Mexican rule. Land grants made between 1846 and 1850 still exist and are in the custody of the Sonoma County Recorder.

The Introduction explains the history of these records, and includes an early map of the town of Sonoma, along with examples of the land grant records.

This Name Only index may be used to determine if a person of interest is listed in the original volumes. The entire transcription is available in the Members Only section, which includes the Petitioner’s name, the lot number, cost, size, date and book & page number.

You may view images of the original grants at the Sonoma County Clerk-Recorder's Office.  Once you have the Volume & Page number from this transcription, their self-service computers will allow you to download the images. You may want to have someone help you with your research or to do a Look-Up at the Recorder's Office. 

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