Index to Naturalization Records, Sonoma County, California      Volume II: 1906-1930

The first naturalization act was passed in 1790, but the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization was not established until 1906. In Sonoma County, the earliest naturalization records date from 1841, and consist of both declarations of intention and petitions for naturalization. Prior to 1906, 6,600 persons had applied for naturalization in Sonoma County and this information is detailed in Volume I.

This Volume II, arranged alphabetically in table format, contains information gleaned from approximately 3,400 naturalization documents beginning in 1906. The information includes name of immigrant, age, residence, occupation, birth date and birthplace, emigration from, arrival date, arrival port/place, ship, renunciation, and last foreign address, date of first continuous residence in US, date of first continuous residence in California, declaration date, declaration place, date final papers signed by the court, date of admission/denial and comments, name of immigrant’s spouse, birth date, birthplace, residence, marriage place, marriage date, number of immigrant’s children, names of children, birth dates and birthplaces of children, residence of children, name of witness, occupation and residence. The Witness section is augmented by a witness surname index cross-referenced to the immigrant.

Naturalization Records in Sonoma County, California Volume II: 1906-1930 is  available for research at the Sonoma County History and Genealogy Library (the Annex).  

This publication is also available for purchase at Heritage Books:

Naturalization Records in Sonoma County, California Volume II: 1906-1930 

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This index may be used to determine if a person of interest is listed in the book. The index includes the column headings of Surname and Given Name.

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